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Mepi - Dental Hygienist

Our hygiene team, which currently consists of the the three best hygienists ever, Mepi, Katie, & Erica, are dedicated to bringing you optimal periodontal health and dental hygiene. They are experts in cleaning teeth, oral cancer screening, performing deep cleaning where necessary and educating all of our patients in ways to improve their health and well-being through proper oral care of their teeth and mouths as well as control of gum disease in all stages. Our hygiene staff is non-judgmental, stressing positive reinforcement and preventive care as our approach to your dental care. Mepi  and Katie are superb clinicians and will make your experience in our hygiene department one that is educational and beneficial to your overall health ! The experience in our hygiene department is positively rewarding, from oral prophylaxis, radiographs, oral cancer screenings, periodontal risk assessments, and health history monitoring, you are in excellent hands with our hygiene team! Our hygiene team is amazing! We know you will be beyond pleased with your dental hygiene experience. And additionally, Mepi, Katie , and Erica are wonderful people, like the rest of our team and Drs, we trust you will be as infatuated as we are with their clinical and personal skills. 



We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.



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