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Ellen & Cassi  -Patient Customer Service Team

Ellen and Cassi are the first and last team members you will see when you come to our office. They are committed to ensuring that every patient is welcomed, informed and cared for throughout their entire visit at our office. If you have a question, a suggestion, or need an appointment, we have a customer service team that will surpass your expectations.  Ellen & Cassii are always available to serve all of your dental, patient customer care, or account related needs. From the warm welcome when you arrive to the follow up calls at end of day, you know you have 3 people who pride themselves on knowing all our patients and aim to continue to anticipate your every need and respond with efficient and informed answers. If you need anything, insurance assistance, financial questions answered, Care Credit info, appointment or schedule help, account questions, retail products, just ask! Cassi & Ellen  are pleased to assist and outside of the dental office, you will find Cassi actively spending every moment of her time with her beautiful and active 4 year old daughter, Kennedy, and her extended family and closest friends, which tells so much about the very special mom, daughter, sister, and employee/friend that Cassi is to others. You will find Ellen doing the same, complete focus on her family and spending time with her 6 children and 7.5 grand children. Both Cassi & Ellen feel blessed to work at a job they love and balancing life with amazing family and friends. We are always ready with a smile and a desire to assist in any way. Our entire customer service team is here to provide our patients with extra-ordinary care, information and a wonderful dental experience. Ask away, they love to help!




We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.



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